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Places in Yemen with TU

Search and find places in Yemen with first letters TU.

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Alphabetical index of places in Yemen with TU

There are 45 places in Yemen beginning with 'TU' (in alphabetical order).
1 - 45 of 45 places

Tubashi`ah   to   Tuzan
Places in Yemen with TU
Tubashi`ah Tubāshi‘ah1.Sa'dah Şa‘dah-
Tubaybah Ţubaybah2.Al Jawf Al Jawf-
Tubayshi`ah Tubayshi‘ah3.Ta'izz Ta‘izz-
Tubay`ah Tubay‘ah4.Ta'izz Ta‘izz-
Tubr Tubr5.Omran Omran-
Tudhra` Tudhra‘6.Sa'dah Şa‘dah11
Tufran Tufrān7.Dhamar Dhamār-
Tufyan Ţufyān8.Al Mahwit Al Maḩwīt-
Tughwal Tughwal9.Al Jawf Al Jawf-
Tuhamah Tuhāmah10.Ma'rib Ma’rib-
Tuhar Tuhar11.Sanaa Sanaa-
Tuhaywah Tuḩaywah12.Ta'izz Ta‘izz-
Tukmar Tukmar13.Ad Dali' Aḑ Ḑāli‘-
Tulaqlat Tulaqlat14.Lahij Laḩij-
Tulaylah Ţulaylah15.Hajjah Ḩajjah4
Tulayq Ţulayq16.Sanaa Sanaa-
Tumayh Ţumayḩ17.Dhamar Dhamār-
Tumhan Ţumḩān18.Omran Omran-
Tunb Ţunb19.Ibb Ibb-
Tunban Ţunbān20.Ibb Ibb-
Tuqar Tuqār21.Lahij Laḩij-
Tuqar Tuqār22.Lahij Laḩij-
Tuqlim Tuqlim23.Omran Omran-
Tur Tur24.Muhafazat al Hudaydah Muḩāfaz̧at al Ḩudaydah-
Tur al Gharib Ţūr al Ghārib25.Omran Omran-
Tur al Mishyaf Ţūr al Mishyāf26.Lahij Laḩij-
Tur ash Shaykh Ţūr ash Shaykh27.Hajjah Ḩajjah8
Tur Ghaylan Ţūr Ghaylān28.Hajjah Ḩajjah1
Turah Tūrah29.Lahij Laḩij-
Turayrah Turayrah30.Lahij Laḩij-
Turbat al Ashur Turbat al Ashur31.Ibb Ibb-
Turbat al Azhur Turbat al Azhūr32.Ibb Ibb-
Turbat Ashaq Turbat Asḩāq33.Ibb Ibb-
Turiada Turiada34.Ibb Ibb-
Turmanah Turmānah35.Ibb Ibb-
Turquh Ţurqūh36.Muhafazat al Hudaydah Muḩāfaz̧at al Ḩudaydah-
Turrat al Barqa`ah Ţurrat al Barqa‘ah37.Ta'izz Ta‘izz18
Turrat al Jawbi`i Ţurrat al Jawbi‘ī38.Ta'izz Ta‘izz3
Turrat al Ju`ayrah Ţurrat al Ju‘ayrah39.Ta'izz Ta‘izz24
Turumil Turumil40.Muhafazat Hadramawt Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩaḑramawt-
Tutar Tūtar41.Ta'izz Ta‘izz-
Tuwad Tuwād42.Ibb Ibb-
Tuwanah Tuwanah43.Lahij Laḩij-
Tuwarsah Tuwarsah44.Ad Dali' Aḑ Ḑāli‘-
Tuzan Ţūz̧ān45.Sanaa Sanaa-

1 - 45 of 45 places