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Places in Yemen with LA

Search and find places in Yemen with first letters LA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Yemen with LA

There are 124 places in Yemen beginning with 'LA' (in alphabetical order).
1 - 50 of 124 places
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Page 1:   Labadah   to   Lajih al `Akshah
Places in Yemen with LA
Labadah Labādah1.Hajjah Ḩajjah8
Labah Labaḩ2.Muhafazat Hadramawt Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩaḑramawt-
Labah Lābah3.Omran Omran-
Labakh Labakh4.Ma'rib Ma’rib-
Labakh Labākh5.Sa'dah Şa‘dah13
Laban Laban6.Al Jawf Al Jawf-
Labaqan Labaqān7.Al Jawf Al Jawf-
Labih Lābiḩ8.Ta'izz Ta‘izz30
Labinat Al Mar`i Labināt Āl Mar‘ī9.Al Jawf Al Jawf26
Labun Labūn10.Omran Omran-
Labwah Labwah11.Muhafazat al Bayda' Al Bayḑāʼ-
Labwah Labwah12.Sa'dah Şa‘dah1
Ladah Laḑāh13.Ma'rib Ma’rib-
Ladqul Lādqūl14.Sa'dah Şa‘dah-
Ladrah Laḑrah15.Sa'dah Şa‘dah4
Laffat al Mujir Laffat al Mujīr16.Hajjah Ḩajjah-
Laghab Laghab17.Al Jawf Al Jawf-
Laha' Laḩā’18.Ibb Ibb-
Lahaf al Hajarin Laḩaf al Ḩajarīn19.Omran Omran-
Lahaf al `Araf Laḩaf al ‘Araf20.Omran Omran-
Lahaf an Nashr Laḩaf an Nashr21.Omran Omran-
Lahh al `Ajish Laḩḩ al ‘Ajish22.Hajjah Ḩajjah12
Lahij Laḩij23.Lahij Laḩij23,375
Lahij Abu `Abdal Laḩij Abū ‘Abdal24.Hajjah Ḩajjah4
Lahij ad Diq`ah Laḩij ad Diq‘ah25.Hajjah Ḩajjah17
Lahij ad Dujaj Laḩij ad Dujāj26.Sa'dah Şa‘dah2
Lahij al Hiyah Laḩij al Ḩiyāh27.Sa'dah Şa‘dah-
Lahij al Liwa' Laḩij al Liwā’28.Sa'dah Şa‘dah2
Lahij al Mawqir Laḩij al Mawqir29.Sa'dah Şa‘dah-
Lahij al Wadi Laḩij al Wādī30.Hajjah Ḩajjah5
Lahij Fayi` Laḩij Fāyi‘31.Sa'dah Şa‘dah1
Lahij Jabran Laḩij Jabrān32.Sa'dah Şa‘dah5
Lahij Masrah Laḩij Masraḩ33.Sa'dah Şa‘dah3
Lahij Mishqat Laḩij Mishqāt34.Sa'dah Şa‘dah1
Lahij Suwayd Laḩij Suwayd35.Sa'dah Şa‘dah6
Lahij Zayid Laḩij Zāyid36.Hajjah Ḩajjah25
Lahj Laḩj37.Dhamar Dhamār-
Lahj as Sa`ayb Laḩj aş Şa‘ayb38.Sa'dah Şa‘dah-
Lahj Sa`d Laḩj Sa‘d39.Sa'dah Şa‘dah-
Lahmad Laḩmād40.Sa'dah Şa‘dah-
Lahmah Laḩmah41.Sa'dah Şa‘dah-
Lahman Laḩmān42.Sa'dah Şa‘dah19
Lahman Laḩmān43.Sa'dah Şa‘dah6
Lahman al Gharb Laḩmān al Gharb44.Muhafazat al Bayda' Al Bayḑāʼ8
Lahmas Laḩmas45.Muhafazat Hadramawt Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩaḑramawt-
Lahrum Lahrum46.Muhafazat Hadramawt Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩaḑramawt-
Lahsham Lahshām47.Ta'izz Ta‘izz1
Lahudin Laḩūdīn48.Hajjah Ḩajjah7
Lajh Bin Milaba Lajḩ Bin Milābā49.Hajjah Ḩajjah9
Lajih al `Akshah Lajiḩ al ‘Akshah50.Hajjah Ḩajjah1

1 - 50 of 124 places
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